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What is required when someone is on the sex offender registry?

As a previous post discussed, sex crimes can be major criminal offenses, resulting in harsh penalties that impact a defendant for much of their life. Because the severity of the crime can be grave, the penalties often associated with the crime are equally as harsh.

Depending on the circumstances and the details of the crime, the accused might have to register as a sex offender if he or she is convicted of the crime. Thus, it is important to understand what this means and how it could impact the future of the accused individual.

Understanding the different types of fraud

A previous post highlighted a specific white-collar crime. Embezzlement, which is considered a theft crime, can carry with it serious penalties. Fraud is another type of white-collar crime, and it can come in many forms, occurring in a wide variety of situations. If you have been accused of fraud, it is important to take the matter seriously, determining your options when it comes to asserting a defense.

E-commerce fraud can occur in a wide variety of ways. And because the Internet is heavily relied on in society today, these types of frauds frequently occur and are constantly changing. However, it is important to note the seven most coming types of fraud, how they are defined and what consequences could result.

What are the elements of an embezzlement charge?

When individuals in Virginia and elsewhere think about financial crimes, they likely think about the theft of money through a robbery or fraud. They might also think about the accused offender seizing the money from a stranger. While these types of crimes do occur and carry with them serious penalties, some financial crimes stem from a person's employment. Embezzlement charges stem from an employee's supposed theft or larceny of assets he or she is in the position of trust or responsibility over the said assets.

What are the elements of an embezzlement charge? In order for a person to be charged and convicted of embezzlement, four factors must exist. First, a fiduciary relationship must exist between two parties. In other words, there must be reliance and trust by one party on the other. Second, the accused party must have acquired the money or property through the fiduciary relationship and not through other means.

Clarksburg man faces sex offender registry violations

While facing any type of criminal allegations can impact the accused's reputation, some crimes can be more damaging than others. For example, sex crimes carry with them serious penalties and consequences that could follow a person for years after serving his or her time. Thus, those accused of such a crime should take steps to assert their rights by understanding what criminal defense options are available to them.

According to recent reports, a 29-year-old man from Clarksburg is facing four felony charges after he allegedly failed to comply with the sex offender registry laws in the state. Based on preliminary investigation, police claim that the man was living at a different residence for several months while he was reporting to live elsewhere. Additionally, he apparently failed to inform authorities that he was fired from his construction job back in July.

Making a strong defense against a DUI charge

While some motorists view a drunk driving offense as a minor criminal charge, Virginia residents should note that the recent changes over the last decade have significantly increased the penalties for those convicted of a drunk driving or reckless driving charge. Because of this, such a charge should not be treated as minor but rather an offense that could drastically impact his or her life personally and professionally.

No matter if it is your fist offense or not, motorists accused of a DUI are afforded the right to defend themselves against the charges. At the Law Offices of Christie A. Leary, P.C., our experienced legal team understands that being charged with a DUI is an emotional and overwhelming experience. Thus, we are dedicated to helping individuals in the Fairfax area understand their rights and how best to navigate the defense process.

Challenging a blood alcohol concentration test after a DWI charge

While many might view a drunk driving charge as a minor offense, this is actually considered a major traffic violation that could result in serious penalties if convicted. Thus, motorists in Virginia and elsewhere should take these charges seriously, noted the evidence used against them and ways to assert a defense against the pending charge.

Law enforcement frequently use blood alcohol concentration tests to determine if a motorist is in fact over the legal limit. There are five ways to test a suspect's BAC, which includes urine, saliva, hair follicles, blood and breath. While there is a variety of ways to screen for this, law enforcement typically use breath tests and blood tests to gather evidence against a suspected drunk driver.

What defenses are available for drug possession charges?

Drug charges are considered to be some of the most serious charges. This is especially true if an accused offender is charged with a felony drug crime or has a history of drug charges. However, drug charges are not simple and straightforward. There are sometimes explanations for having a certain drug on your person or it might be possible that the drugs are not yours and you had no idea they were placed in your vehicle or home by another party. Because there can be a wide variety of explanations, it is important for defendants to note their defense options.

What defenses are available for drug possession charges? When a person is accused of drug possession, there is either an assumption that the accused possesses it for personal use or has the intent to sell it to others. In either case, it is possible to assert a defense regardless if you are facing state or federal drug charges.

Virginia task force arrests 50 suspects for drug-related charges

Being suspected of a crime is a serious matter and should be treated as such. When a person is charged with a crime, the focus often remains on the potential penalties he or she might face. A defendant might also contend his or her innocence. However, it might be unclear at this time exactly how this could be proven. It is an emotional and overwhelming time. Thus, it is important to be aware of the situation and what rights and options are available to an accused offender.

According to recent reports, authorities in Virginia indicted 50 individuals following a 16-month undercover drug investigation. The undercover investigation took place in Virginia's Eastern Shore and was called Operation Firecracker. The task force was made up of the combined efforts of the Eastern Drug Shore Task Force, Accomack, Northampton County Sheriff's Offices and the Virginia State Police.

The severe consequences associated with credit card fraud

Crimes involving money are considered to be serious. In fact, depending on the type of crime, those accused of such a crime could face harsh penalties that include fines and even jail time. Because most individuals in Virginia have at least one credit card, cardholders are often concerned that their identity could be stolen and much debt could be accrued because of credit card theft. Being accused of this financial crime could mean serious consequences and a tarnished reputation; thus, it is important to understand the available defense against such an allegation.

Based on recent statistics by the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 11.57 million people fall victim to identity fraud. In just 2013 alone, the total losses suffered because of identity theft amounted to around $21 billion. Stolen credit cards are frequently used in identity theft matters, and this easy access to money has led to an increasing consumer loss. Thus, U.S. legislation has focused on imposing strict penalties against offenders of credit card fraud. These penalties increase in severity for repeat offenders.

What is the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance?

We all do things to save money. Whether it is by clipping coupons, budgeting or shopping sales, saving money is essential in all aspects in life. But there are certain areas where one is unable to save much money. Because we must all pay taxes, the only way to legally reduce this obligation is through deductions and tax credits. Unfortunately, taxes must be paid, even if money is tight. The failure to pay taxes could result in a tax evasion charge.

Tax evasion is a type of fraud that involves a taxpayer's willful underpayment of taxes or the act of concealing income earned from the IRS. Such a charge is not minor or treated as such. Those found guilty of this white collar crime could face fines and even jail time.

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