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Our attorneys can defend you against drug charges

Facing drug charges can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. If you are convicted, you could face a number of legal consequences, including jail time, court-ordered counseling, license suspension, and probation. In addition to the legal penalties, you may also face personal difficulties as a result of your charges. Even people with minor drug offenses on their record may find it difficult to find or keep a job, get custody of their children, or maintain a good reputation in their communities.

The consequences you will face often depend on a few factors including your criminal history, what type of drugs you had, and whether you had the intent to distribute or sell the drugs. For example, a first time offender caught with marijuana for personal use will most likely receive less serious penalties than someone caught selling cocaine.

Massage chain employees accused of sexual abuse

Nowadays, more and more women are coming forward with allegations of sexual assault and other sexual crimes. Sex crimes carry serious penalties in Virginia, where many people convicted of sex crimes end up in prison for many years. One of the most recent cases involve employees at a popular massage therapy chain with locations all over Virginia.

More than 180 women have spoken up regarding alleged incidents of sexual assault by the chain's employees. Many women have reported that their massage therapists groped and penetrated them. When the women complained to the company, the company allegedly ignored their complaints.

How does the juvenile court system work?

When a minor is charged with a crime, they will likely go through a different court process from what an adult would for the same crime. According to the law, the juvenile court system generally covers children between the ages of 7 and 18. If a minor under the age of 7 commits a crime, they typically cannot be tried in any court, but their parents may be liable. Being under 18 is not a guarantee that one will be tried in juvenile court. In some cases, particularly those involving homicide, rape, and other severe crimes, teenagers may be tried as adults.

If your loved one is accused of committing a juvenile criminal offense as a minor in Virginia, the police officer on the case may be able to use his or her discretion to decide what happens next. The officer may choose to issue a warning and release the minor after a brief detainment or release the minor to their parents. They may also choose to take the minor into custody, where the minor may be referred to a juvenile court officer. This officer or a prosecutor will evaluate the case and decide whether to press formal charges against the minor. This decision will be based on the severity of the crime, minor's past record, evidence and attitude.

License suspension not automatic with marijuana charge

In the past, people that were convicted of possession of marijuana in the commonwealth of Virginia would automatically lose their driver's license for six months as part of their sentence. Now, Virginia residents who are facing drug possession charges for marijuana may be able to keep their license.

According to the newly enacted law, when an adult is convicted of possession of marijuana, judges can order 50 hours of community service in lieu of a driver's license suspension. The change in law has to do with the fact that many people who lose their driver's licenses end up losing their jobs because they have no way to get to work. Losing a job can be devastating, especially for people with children.

Woman facing charges after posting sexual photos

Over the past decade, the popularity of social media has resulted in a significant increase of internet-related crimes. Common crimes typically involve people posting inappropriate photos and videos online and internet solicitation. A Virginia Beach woman is now facing multiple misdemeanor charges after posting sexually explicit photos of another woman without her consent.

The woman allegedly posted two photos of the victim engaging in sexual acts with an ex-boyfriend. The woman also apparently sent the photos to men on Facebook along with the victim's name and phone number and a message saying that the victim would perform sexual acts for money. The woman has denied having any knowledge of these posts.

Rose McGowan faces drug charges in Virginia

Actress Rose McGowan has a warrant out for her arrest in relation to drug charges stemming from an incident at Virginia's Dulles Airport. The incident occurred when McGowan's luggage tested positive for narcotics, after she left her luggage on the plane.

McGowan is wanted for drug possession of a controlled substance and may face a felony charge, if she is arrested. Police have attempted to reach out to McGowan so that she can respond to the charge during a court appearance. McGowan, who recently revealed that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, tweeted her opposition to the warrant and asked, "Are they trying to silence me?"

Three men face drug charges after traffic stop in Virginia

Traffic stops, no matter how simple the offense, could lead to additional charges. If authorities suspect that something else might be going on with a driver or the vehicle occupants, officers will conduct further investigation to establish probable cause to collect evidence. However, if these steps do not fall within normal protocols, this could tarnish the reliability of the collected evidence. This is true even if authorities uncover drugs in the vehicle, resulting drug charges.

According to reports authorities in Virginia arrested three men from Mississippi following a traffic stop. The vehicle with Texas plates was traveling northbound on Interstate 81 when a Virginia State Police trooper supposedly clocked the vehicle going 93 mph in a 70 mph zone.

The differences between the juvenile and adult criminal systems

When youth in Virginia and elsewhere find themselves in trouble, they many think that they will get off easily. Although juvenile offenders face less harsh penalties when compared to their adult counterparts, this does not keep the minor entirely free from facing serious consequences. Even though a juvenile may enter the legal system through juvenile court, it is possible for a juvenile to be charged as an adult and continue through the adult system.

Thus, it is important for juvenile defendants to be aware of both the juvenile and adult process. Anyone between the age of ten and eighteen is considered to be a minor in most states; however, some states have set their maximum juvenile age to sixteen. Once the accused surpasses the age limit in the state, he or she is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. It should be noted that older juveniles that are accused of serious or violent crimes could be tried as an adult.

Sobriety checkpoint in Fairfax County could result in DUI charge

Fairfax county patrol are always on the lookout for law-breakers and illegal behavior. However, once in a while, the police makes their intentions known to those in the community. One of those such times where local authorities announce their plans for a sobriety checkpoint in Fairfax County, one of which occurred over the past weekend. A sobriety checkpoint is different from a regular traffic stop and is subject to its own rules and regulations to ensure lawful search and seizure.

Oftentimes, sobriety checkpoints are announced prior to their execution by authorities. Sobriety checkpoints aren't like regular traffic stops. A barricade is set up and drivers are picked at random to be searched and investigated for evidence of intoxication, among other behaviors. Most often, sobriety checkpoints are set up on busy highways that are well traveled by a number of motorists.

Helping you navigate the juvenile defense process

When we hear about criminal offenders, we don't think that could be us and we certainly do not think it could be our own sons or daughters. However, numerous juveniles in Virginia and other states across the nation are accused of minor and major offenses every year. This not only requires the juvenile's parent or guardian to consider what to do regarding a defense, but it also means that a juvenile's life and future could be greatly impacted by these allegations.

Depending on the details and circumstances surrounding the criminal charges, a juvenile could face additional hardships on top of the criminal charges. In other words, expulsion or suspension from school could also be a reality. Because of that, it important to consider the legal options available to juvenile offenders immediately after being charged. At the Law Offices of Christie A Leary, P.C., our knowledgeable legal team has the skills and resources to help juveniles navigate the legal system. Our law firm is dedicated to serving juveniles and their loved ones in the Fairfax area.

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