• Man Faces Numerous Drug Charges For Methamphetamine

    In Fairfax City, drug charges can lead to significant consequences in the event of a conviction. With the growing attention on drug manufacturing, sales and distribution and attempts on the part of law enforcement to reduce its frequency, many people are facing the serious consequences of their alleged crimes. One particular drug that is growing…

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    White Collar Crimes

    Should White Collar Crime Sentencing Be Reformed?

    In our last post, we discussed the need for federal and state legislators to consider reforming sex offender registries. This issue is urgent and the need for reform of these registries is well documented. However, sex offender registries are not the only punishment-related systems in need of an overhaul. Many are currently questioning whether sentencing…

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    Reforms for sex offender registries

    Because they are currently such a dominant force in the criminal justice system, it is difficult to imagine that Congress only began insisting that states create sex offender registries 20 years ago. Prior to 1994, states could opt to create these registries or refuse to do so without fear of consequence. Over the past 20…

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