• What Is Forgery And Uttering In Virginia?

    While people in Virginia might have a notion of what forgery is, many don’t understand how it is viewed under the law and what its penalties are. There are several levels of forgery such as public records forgery, forgery of coins or bank notes, and taking part in forging activity will face white collar crime charges. Simply because a…

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    How Does An Ignition Interlock Device Work?

    If a person is facing a DUI charge in Virginia, there are many potential penalties depending on the severity of the infraction and what happened during the incident. One possible penalty can be an ignition interlock device being placed on the drunk driver’s vehicle. When facing this possibility, it’s important to understand the details of…

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    Rape and its penalties in Virginia

    When a person in Virginia is charged with sex crimes, the threat of prison and other penalties are only part of the problem. The damage to reputation and aftereffects can make a law sexual assault charge a lifelong issue to deal with. Knowing the law in the state when it comes to rape is one…

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