• Virginia man charged with solicitation of minor

    The crime of solicitation generally requires a person to use the Internet, phone or any other form of electronic communication system to attempt to engage in some type of criminal conduct and have the intent that the person they are communicating with will engage in the criminal conduct with them....

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    Tags: Sex Crimes

    What Does It Mean To Be Charged With Drug Possession?

    Many people in Virginia get charged with multiple counts of drug possession and distribution, depending on the quantity of the drugs and paraphernalia found, the type of drugs found and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. However, anytime a person is charged with drug possession, it is the prosecutor's job to...

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    What Happens During A DWI Arraignment?

    Facing drunk driving charges in Virginia can be scary, particularly if it is the first time you have been charged with a crime. If you are facing DWI charges, you will need to pay special attention to the arraignment process, as it will typically be your first time appearing in...

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