• When Can A Police Officer Search My Vehicle?

    Many drug arrests stem from a police officer searching a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. However, many of these searches are done in violation of the driver’s rights under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S constitution. Evidence found during an illegal search may not be used against the alleged perpetrator in court, so it…

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    Tags: Drug Charges

    Virginia Businessman Faces Fraud Charges

    Some of our readers may have seen that, according to a recent report, a 53-year-old business man in Fairfax is facing fraud charges for his alleged involvement in a fraud scheme. Prosecutors alleged that the man made false claims to investors, saying that he was in charge of his financial company assets, worth $1.4 billion. The…

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    Tags: White Collar Crimes

    Tinder user faces charges for solicitation of prostitute

    In Virginia, exchanging sexual favors for financial or other compensation constitutes the crime of prostitution. However, even attempting to exchange money for sexual activity, whether you are the one soliciting services or providing them, is a crime and is referred to as solicitation. A Virginia man is facing criminal charges after he reportedly used Tinder…

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