Published on Wednesday, 05 October 2011 02:46

If you have been charged with a crime, believe charges are imminent or if you are under criminal investigation, your world will quickly be filled with anxiety, doubt, fear and sometimes feelings of despair and helplessness. There is absolutely no substitute for an immediate call to an attorney. It will help you understand your rights, know your obligations and prepare yourself for what to expect.
Every criminal case presents unique circumstances due to the nature of the  alleged crime.  This is often due to the fact that as individuals, we each have different backgrounds, experiences and influences.  In addition, we each have different physical and mental characteristics which affect our decisions, our choices and our actions in a given set of circumstances.
Understanding the charge, the penalties and the court process are only part of the puzzle. Equally important is knowing how to prepare yourself for the outcome of the case and knowing how to proactively navigate yourself through the difficult circumstances you face.
You may face criminal charges for a multitude of reasons, including poor decisions, errors in judgment, bad choices, substance abuse and mental health problems. By consulting with and ultimately hiring an attorney, you will gain not only an advocate, but also the assistance of a professional able to educate you and facilitate your understanding of the criminal justice process.  Your counsel will not only inform you about options that may be available for your defense, but will facilitate your making informed decision about critical issues you will face througout the criminal justice process.