Obtaining experienced, qualified and dedicated attorney representation is important not only in court-related and litigation matters but also in cases involving administrative hearings. We assist professionals such as real estate agents, nurses, doctors and pharmacists before state licensing boards.

In addition, when a child's educational future is in jeopardy we are committed to resolving disputes with an educational institution and can help protect a child's interest in the wake of school board action. Our attorneys represent students facing the school disciplinary process, including suspensions or expulsions arising from criminal or other matters. We are available to represent students with disabilities in obtaining fairness and respect from school administrators and disciplinary authorities.

School Board Disciplinary Actions

Ms. Leary and Ms. Porter have experience in juggling the dual focus of criminal prosecutions and school board actions, including attending administrative hearings to make sure the school board doesn't overstep its authority and ensuring that your child's academic future is protected.

Common school board discipline and criminal offenses in Northern Virginia county juvenile courts include:

  • School violence, fighting, bullying
  • Bringing a weapon to school
  • Underage drinking, DUI
  • Sexual assault, date rape
  • Theft, shoplifting
  • Destruction of property, vandalism
  • Burglary, breaking and entering
  • Criminal trespassing
  • Gang-related activities
  • Drug possession and distribution

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