Our family was faced with horrific allegations being made against our son. Fortunately we sought Christie Leary's counsel very early in the process. She was able to guide us through a challenging legal situation balancing the complexities of the case with the need to remain hopeful. Ms. Leary worked tirelessly to unravel the allegations and applied her legal expertise to the situation. When faced with inevitable surprises, Ms. Leary took on the challenge and brought all her resources to address the situation. She worked closely with us, listening to our perspective and combining that with her knowledge and experience fought valiantly for our son's release. We prevailed with our son being fully vindicated in a jury trial. Ms. Leary presented the case brilliantly with an outstanding closing argument. We will remain forever appreciative and indebted to her. We highly recommend Christie Leary as an exemplary attorney.

~E.J. and R.J.

When my separation and divorce case took an alarmingly unexpected turn, my attorney referred me to Christie Leary as my best possible choice for representation at a special hearing.

From our first meeting, I was impressed by Christie's professionalism and her ability to immediately grasp the particulars of my case. In spite of the time constraints my case imposed, she efficiently prepared a winning strategy while calmly helping me focus my efforts and gather the information and documents we'd need for court.

Prior to the hearing, Christie took great care to explain in detail the process ahead to ensure that I knew what to expect and precisely what would be expected of me during the proceedings. Her extensive courtroom experience became obvious as she walked me through possible variations and scenarios we might face. Entering the courtroom I felt nervous of course, but well prepared and confident in Christie's ability to adapt to whatever "unknowns" might lay ahead.

Her courtroom skills and procedural mastery soon became evident as my case was heard and Christie immediately got down to some "serious lawyering" on my behalf. At no time during the hearing did I ever doubt for a second, that Christie was 100 percent engaged, aware and in full control of my defense.

The results were everything I'd hoped for. Afterward, Christie shared valuable insights and personal advice on my situation. She followed through by sharing information with me and my divorce attorney to aid our continuing work.

For me, Christie Leary delivered timely caring service, skilled professionalism and most importantly — results! I am happy to recommend her without reservation.


I want to express my appreciation and thanks for the wonderful job you accomplished concerning my case. I am so grateful we won and I am not sure it would have happened if someone else had been representing me. You remained calm and professional when I was not and your consideration and sensitivity helped me in many ways. When any of my friends need a truly competent attorney in the future, you may be assured I'll give them your phone number. I will always remain with gratitude!


Thank you for all you did for my son and me. I hope he doesn't let us down and that you never see him again in a courtroom. We were so fortunate to get your name. All the best!


I can't thank you enough...but I hope you know I appreciate everything you have done. May the Lord bless you for what you have done for me and for others!


Thanks is not enough but thank you for your efforts on my case and in getting me my freedom. We appreciate it greatly!


I personally wanted to write my appreciation for your help. When I was in despair and anxiety, you are one of the few people who believed in me and expressed that I was innocent. You were on my side. Thank you again and God Bless you!


We are writing to thank you for your time and share that we were genuinely blessed. Perhaps our son's thanks to you saying, "thank you so much for your help, you've made me feel so much better about this — I feel like a weight is off me." are telling of your passion and commitment to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Meeting with you served to educate us and enable us to better understand the processes and outcomes of the situation. We were all impressed with the thorough process that you followed taking the time to ask questions and record a mindful intake. Equally impressive, was how you were meticulous in taking the time to carefully explain the processes and related consequences of the particular violated law. We were also astonished right out of the gate, when you coordinated with our son to meet with him before his appeal time expired — a timeline we were completely clueless about.

While this process has been very emotional, stressful and confusing, you helped us all feel a bit better and enabled our son to be educated and empowered. You clearly modeled the conduct of a committed professional that values and treats/defends their client with dignity and respect.

Thank you so much for your thoughts, time and concern.


I appreciate your help so much Christie, without you I do not know where I would be right now after the mistakes I have done. The pathway given to me by your hard work to fix my mistakes have allowed me to able to still go to school and graduate with a bachelors in accounting. Also, most importantly having a job by completing school and with that allowing myself to help my family and for the future.


We would like to sincerely thank you for your excellent representation of our son Jon. I do not need to tell you what a horrible time in our lives this has all been; the worst part was not knowing where we should start and what to expect. We are especially grateful for the time that you took walking us through the guidelines and preparing us for what to expect once we got to court. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family should the need arise.

~M.M.K. and W.A.K.

After my incident, I was a nervous wreck. Christie listened closely to me as I explained my situation during our initial consultation, helped me understand the situation from a legal perspective, and was a steady guide throughout the remainder of the legal proceedings. She was extremely responsive to and patient with questions I had throughout the process which assisted greatly in easing my anxiety surrounding the whole ordeal. While I would not want to repeat the process again, I wouldn't want anyone but Christie representing me. She is genuine, upfront, and extremely knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.


Christie, I am grateful for your help and advice during a very dark period of my life. Because of your creative approach, I was able to get the best possible result in my criminal matter, an outcome that initially seemed unlikely. I highly recommend your representation to any prospective client and wish you the best in your practice.


Our family was referred to Christie by another attorney, and we could not be happier with way she has handled the case for our son. She worked diligently on his behalf and has produced great results. She is incredibly professional and never judgmental. We would recommend her highly, and in fact we have done so several times already.