• Man arrested on allegations of child sexual abuse

    Man arrested on allegations of child sexual abuse

    A person in Fairfax who is arrested on allegations of sex crimes will have a lot of issues both personal and professional that must be handled. Not only do sex offenses carry with them harsh punishments in the event of conviction, but there will also be damage to reputation that can cause vast problems in a person’s life. These problems can last for an extensive period and make it difficult to function. If these allegations are related to child sexual abuse, the consequences can be even more substantial.

    A man was placed under arrest for sex crimes with a 6-year-old girl. He is alleged to have touched her inappropriately. The girl informed an adult as to what occurred and the man, 29, was subsequently arrested. The man has worked as a martial arts teacher and was also a soccer coach for a local youth organization. In addition, he was previously an assistant soccer coach at a local high school. Given the man’s proximity to children at work and in his other activities, law enforcement thinks that there could be other victims who have yet to come forward. The investigation is ongoing.

    When there is an arrest on crimes involving sex and sexual abuse, it can follow the person around for the remainder of the person’s life. This is true whether there is a conviction, a jail sentence and a hefty fine or the punishments are reduced via plea bargain. It can harm a person’s job prospects and require them to register with the local authorities as a sex offender even if they move. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone has rights and deserves a strong legal defense. The charges might result from a misunderstanding or might not be true. Even if the person made a mistake, the person still needs to formulate a defense to try and reduce the potential consequences as much as possible.

    In this case, a part-time martial arts teacher and soccer coach was placed under arrest for accusations that he behaved inappropriately with a child. Those who are arrested on any sex-related crimes need to have someone in their corner to assist with planning and implementing a legal defense.

    Source: wjla.com, “Va. martial arts, school instructor arrested for inappropriately touching 6-year-old girl,” Jay Korff, Stephen Tschida, Oct. 31, 2016

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