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What are the penalties for drug charges in Virginia?

People in Virginia who are facing drug charges need to understand the potential penalties they will face in the event they are convicted. This is especially true given the way state and federal law enforcement officials are actively enforcing laws regarding drug possession and the selling of drugs. With that in mind, it's imperative to know what can happen if there is a conviction.

Fairfax teenager arrested for underage DWI and stealing a car

When a teenager makes a mistake in Fairfax County, it might not be something that he or she thinks can get them into serious trouble. However, there are certain acts, such as underage drinking and driving, that can constitute a juvenile criminal offense and lead to serious problems. Depending on the circumstances of the allegations and how serious the potential punishment is, a teenager can end up in major trouble despite being underage.

What constitutes Medicare fraud?

While many people in Fairfax and across the country might not realize it, Medicare fraud can come in different forms and is treated very seriously by law enforcement. For those who are either being charged or are concerned about the potential of committing fraud in this way, it's important to know the details of Medicare fraud. Gathering the proper information can be the difference between facing charges, being acquitted or avoiding prosecution altogether.

Virginia sexual assault charge for alleged 2005 attack

In Fairfax City, and across the nation, a sexual assault charge can lead to a long series of problems for those who have been accused and convicted. There is a public stigma surrounding sex offenses that can affect a person's life forever. When sex crimes are alleged and there is a conviction in a criminal trial, not only will the defendant possibly face jail time, but there is the likelihood that the convicted must be part of the sex offender registry. This means that a conviction will follow the person around for an extended period, if not forever.

What are the Virginia laws for drunk driving charges?

People in Virginia who have been charged with driving while drunk need to understand the laws of the state in order to prepare a strong defense. When law enforcement has probable cause to make a traffic stop of a driver suspected of driving under the influence, the driver is required to take a breath test or face charges of breath test refusal. There are various penalties for breath test refusal if the blood alcohol content level is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The driver's license will be suspended for specific amounts of time depending on the circumstances.


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