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Legal help with various penalties for driving while intoxicated

Drivers in Virginia who are arrested for driving under the influence will have an idea of the issues they are likely to face in the event that they are convicted. What they might not consider are the ancillary penalties that can be just as inconvenient if not outright damaging. Having legal help is often one of the biggest keys to a successful resolution, from dropped charges to an acquittal, to the lowest possible penalties.

Man allegedly ran Ponzi scheme with liquor wholesaler as front

In recent years, law enforcement has taken steps to more aggressively pursue various forms of corporate crime in Virginia and across the U.S. Included in the list of white collar crimes that have been in the news are those related to Ponzi schemes. Given the potential penalties that a person who is convicted on charges of being involved in a Ponzi scheme can face, it is important to have good legal advice.

Can records of juvenile crimes be expunged in Virginia?

Juveniles in Virginia who are arrested and charged with crimes might be under the impression that the allegations will have long-term consequences. The simple matter of allegations of juvenile crimes having been committed can be a significant concern to teens and their parents even without a conviction. If there is a conviction, it can be even worse. This is why it is important to understand the possibility of having the records sealed or destroyed. This is otherwise known as expungement.

Amy Bradley joins LSNV Attorney of the Day Steering Committee

LSNV created the Attorney of the Day Program (AOD), to help low-income victims of domestic violence get protective orders so that they, and their families, stay safe. The concept of the program is simple: rather than attempt to secure representation for protective order hearings at the last minute, LSNV asks pro bono attorneys to commit to the cases on a specific date. This permits attorneys-who are otherwise willing but whose schedules are often full-to plan their volunteering months in advance. LSNV provides free CLE training at least once a year to familiarize attorneys with the law and the process in exchange for two days each year. Dan Schy, one of LSNV's pro bono volunteers, says AOD "is a great opportunity for lawyers to get in the courtroom and give back to the community."

Understanding trade-based money laundering crimes

People in Virginia might have heard the term "money laundering" when watching the news or various dramatic programs, but it can be difficult to fully understand what it means and entails. There are various different subsets of money laundering. One in particular is trade-based money laundering (TBML). This is a tactic that alleged criminals will use to hide possibly illegal financial gain through trade. It is not one single occurrence. Instead, it is the use of various methods to buy and sell illegal goods, issue false documents, and misrepresent the transactions to integrate their proceeds into the banking system.

Man who hit VA police vehicle arrested on drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges in Virginia can lead to severe penalties including being fined, losing driving privileges and even a prison sentence. These issues can not only result in a loss of freedom, but can result in longstanding problems that can affect a person's entire life. Those who are from a different state and are driving in Virginia are also subject to the same state laws as Virginia residents. When arrested for drunk driving, the defendant should understand the importance of formulating a strong defense.


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