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Man arrested on DUI charges and for swinging a hatchet at others

When a person is charged with the offense of driving under the influence in Virginia, a frequently understated issue that is the possibility of other legal violations that can be alleged along with the DUI. These can compound DUI charges, result in multiple offenses being lodged and lead to a felony conviction. The punishments a person can face are substantial and they need to understand how to formulate a sound defense whether the charges are for DUI alone or for DUI and other criminal acts.

White collar crime charges and the invasion of computer privacy

The number of incidences of computer fraud and related crimes linked to it are growing significantly in Virginia, throughout the U.S. and around the world. Since storing and sharing personal information on computers is still relatively new, there are many different acts that are illegal and can lead to various penalties even if the person accused does not realize they are committing a crime. One such act is the invasion of privacy via computer. Understanding these crimes and how they can be penalized in the event of a conviction is imperative to those who are confronted with issues related to it.

What are the laws regarding manufacture and use of fake IDs?

In Virginia, using a fake identification is against the law. Many might not know that there are certain subsets of the law that have a variety of different criteria and penalties attached to them. Using a birth certificate fraudulently and manufacturing, selling or possessing false official licenses are two examples of legal violations that can result in white collar crime charges and the accompanying punishments. Those who are confronted with these allegations need to be aware of the law and the possible consequences they might face.

Virginia pastor charged with possession of child pornography

While many allegations of criminal acts in Virginia will be viewed negatively and cause problems in the personal life of the person who is accused, there are few if any crimes that are perceived worse than those involving possession of child pornography. A person who is confronted with charges linked to child pornography in any context needs to make sure that they craft a strong defense from the time they are arrested and throughout the investigation and criminal case.

What are the penalties for underage drunk driving in Virginia?

There can be long-term consequences for those who drink and drive while under the age of 21 in Virginia. First, it is illegal for teens to be consuming alcohol to begin with. When they do so and choose to get behind the wheel of a car, there can be a multitude of penalties that can have life-altering consequences. Understanding the laws of the state when it comes to underage drunk driving can help when confronted with these charges in protecting your future and your rights.

When is a breath test for DWI valid in Virginia?

Drivers in Virginia who are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence are likely aware of the possibility of submitting to a breath test to determine their blood alcohol content level. The amount of alcohol in the blood will often be the difference between being arrested or not. What drivers might not know is that there is certain criterion for the test to be valid so it can be used as evidence in a legal case. This hinges, in part, as to whether the person administering the test is certified to do so and the equipment is working correctly and adherent to state law.


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