• Types of theft

    What Is the Difference Between Violent and Non-Violent Theft in VA?

    Criminal charges in Virginia can carry harsh penalties, but different crimes are treated differently. You’re much more likely to face significant prison time for violent crimes. That includes crimes related to theft. While “theft” is not a crime under Virginia law, stealing falls under charges like larceny, robbery, and burglary. If you’ve been charged with…

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    White Collar Crimes

    4 Types of White Collar Crimes Under Virginia Law

    Every year, the Virginia Department of State Police publishes its report on Crime in Virginia, which contains a summary of all types of offenses, arrests, offender demographics, and other information on the crimes that took place in the state during that 12 month period. Though you’re probably familiar with the term “white collar crimes,” you…

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    Credit Card Fraud And Theft In Virginia

    Online shopping has become the preferred way for many Americans to buy products, which means an increase in credit card usage. As a result, more and more people are facing criminal charges for credit card fraud and theft. Under Virginia law, anyone found guilty of credit card fraud or theft could face significant jail time, fines and…

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