At the outset, it may be prudent to consult with an attorney, especially one who is not only experienced in handling matters of civil litigation, but who has garnered a reputation as a knowledgeable and effective legal advocate within the business and legal community in which the circumstance(s) took place. Be sure to inform the attorney about all of the facts involved in your situation, and request a thorough and objective assessment of the merits of engaging in civil litigation to achieve the objective you seek or to defend your personal or business interests.

    Resolving Matters Through Mediation, Arbitration And Courtroom Litigation

    Civil litigation can be a protracted and costly process. At times, alternatives such as mediation or arbitration can be employed by an experienced lawyer to achieve the outcome you desire without engaging in litigation. What course of action can and should you take?

    Leary Law, P.C. places a high value upon ensuring that our clients understand the cost and benefits of engaging in litigation or using alternative means to resolve a dispute. We seek to maintain an effective and open line of personal communication with our clients through every step of the legal process.

    As many cases are often settled out of court without the need to file a lawsuit or proceed to trial, obtaining an understanding of your options and how they can impact achievement of your goals can ensure attainment of the most efficient and effective outcome in your case.

    If you have a civil claim or issue, or are facing a specific legal matter such as a HOT Lane violation, please contact Leary Law, P.C. today to discuss your case.