• Helping You Assert A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

    Helping You Assert A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

    Much like many unfortunate events in life, most individuals in Virginia do not expect to face criminal charges. No matter what circumstances led an individual into this predicament, it is important to understand that there are mechanisms to work through it. By initiating a criminal defense immediately, those accused of drug crimes can challenge the allegations. This could help question the evidence used against them, assisting with the reduction or dismissal of charges.

    It is never easy to face the potential consequences of a drug crime. A conviction could mean serious repercussions, impacting a defendant’s personal and professional reputation. And depending on the severity of the charge, accused offenders could endure harsh penalties. At Leary Law, our experienced legal team understands the challenges and emotions that surface when an individual is faced with a criminal allegation. Thus, we are dedicated to serving those in the Fairfax and Manassas area, helping them assert their legal rights.

    Drug crimes can range from minor possession offenses to major distribution and manufacturing charges. Thus, our law firm notes the importance of defendants understanding the crimes they are facing, the elements of these charges and what penalties he or she could face. This illustrates an accurate picture for our clients, helping them understand what defense methods are rational and in their best interests.

    Our skilled legal team understands how dismissing evidence in a drug case can influence the resulting charges. If we are able to prove that evidence was not collected legally or that there was a break in the chain of custody of evidence, it could help suppress evidence. Ultimately, this could help reduce or dismiss the charges against a criminal defendant.

    To learn more, check out our law firm’s drug charges website. Facing criminal allegations can be an overwhelming experience, but that does not mean there aren’t options to overcome them. Asserting a timely and aggressive defense could help protect the future of those accused of such crimes.

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