• Janitor Charged With Attempting To Solicit Child Pornography

    Janitor Charged With Attempting To Solicit Child Pornography

    Downloading, possessing, or transmitting sexually explicit images or videos involving minors may result in child pornography charges in the state of Virginia. Nowadays, most pornography charges involve the internet in some capacity, but some stem from sharing printed photos via mail.

    A 47-year-old school janitor in Virginia was recently arrested and is now facing Class 5 felony criminal charges for attempting to solicit child pornography, after police learned that a social media account was being used to solicit images of underage children. The man reportedly was charged with two counts for violating 18.2.374.3, using communication systems (e.g. computers) to facilitate certain offenses involving children. Police reportedly executed a search warrant and seized several electronic devices and continue to investigate the charges. The janitor is being held without bond in jail and has been suspended by the school without pay.

    According to Va. Code 18.2-374.1, possession of child pornography could result in a Class 6 felony conviction and up to five years in prison for each image or video, with prison sentences running consecutively. You may also face additional charges for soliciting a minor, adding even more years to your prison sentence.

    Criminal charges of this nature can result in severe penalties and long-term consequences. If you are facing criminal charges relating to sex crimes, a criminal defense attorney can help with your case and make sure your rights are protected. These are extremely serious charges and one should not attempt to navigate them on their own. Seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help those in such situations decide on the best course of action that is available.

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