• Our Attorneys Can Defend You Against Drug Charges

    Our Attorneys Can Defend You Against Drug Charges

    Facing drug charges can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. If you are convicted, you could face a number of legal consequences, including jail time, court-ordered counseling, license suspension, and probation. In addition to the legal penalties, you may also face personal difficulties as a result of your charges. Even people with minor drug offenses on their record may find it difficult to find or keep a job, get custody of their children, or maintain a good reputation in their communities.

    The consequences you will face often depend on a few factors including your criminal history, what type of drugs you had, and whether you had the intent to distribute or sell the drugs. For example, a first time offender caught with marijuana for personal use will most likely receive less serious penalties than someone caught selling cocaine.

    No matter how minor or serious the offense, the consequences you face can affect the rest of your life. Because of these serious consequences, it is essential that you have a strong advocate to fight for your rights during this difficult time. The attorneys at Leary Law are dedicated to the defense of people accused of drug crimes. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable regarding Virginia drug laws and will clearly explain your legal options once we evaluate your claim.

    Our attorneys are also aware that many police officers fail to follow protocol when arresting and charging people with drug crimes. You have rights and it is our job to make sure that these officers do not violate these rights. For instance, if an officer illegally searched your vehicle for drugs, our attorneys may be able to get the evidence found in the search thrown out of your case altogether. For more information on how our attorneys can assist you, please visit our website.

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