• Our Attorneys Can Help You Defend Against Fraud Charges

    Our Attorneys Can Help You Defend Against Fraud Charges

    No matter how much money is in dispute, a fraud charge can lead to serious penalties that could affect the rest of your life. Someone convicted of fraud may lose their job, be required to pay significant fines and possibly spend time in prison. The consequences you face will depend on the amount in dispute, your criminal history and the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

    At the Leary Porter Law P.C., we have spent over 18 years dedicated to defending our clients against fraud charges, and we have the experience necessary to handle your case. Our first step will be to evaluate your claim and gather the evidence. Fraud charges often stem from complex financial transactions, which means that there is often a great deal of documentation to collect and analyze.

    As your attorneys, it is our job to go through each piece of evidence and determine what will be useful for your case. We will also have to contact witnesses and obtain statements to support our arguments. As we go through the investigation and evaluation process, we will stay in contact with you and give you honest feedback regarding your case.

    Once we have collected all the evidence and thoroughly evaluated your case, our focus will shift to putting together a compelling case on your behalf. Our attorneys have represented clients throughout Northern Virginia in a variety of fraud and criminal cases. Our law firm will use our best defense strategies to fight for our clients’ best interests in court. Fraud charges may seem overwhelming, but our attorneys are available to assist you every step of the way. For more information, check out our law firm’s website..

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