• Kelsie Rohler

    Kelsie Rohler

    Location:      Fairfax, Virginia
    Phone:            703-359-7111
    Fax:                 703-543-5478
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    Kelsie Rohler, a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, serves as a paralegal in our office. She is currently pursuing a dual Master’s in Global Affairs and Spanish from George Mason University. Prior to working in our office, Kelsie served as a congressional intern for the U.S. Senate. Kelsie is passionate about human rights and has studied Spanish for the past 10 years, inspiring her to travel to and study in both Colombia and Cuba. Throughout her studies, Kelsie has participated in extensive research projects on the federal death penalty in Puerto Rico, transitional justice and human rights in Colombia, and human trafficking on the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Kelsie has become an integral part of our firm and has developed valuable skills in translating, legal research, and case management. Kelsie understands that our clients are often faced with stressful situations and exercises patience and consideration of our clients’ needs. Kelsie aspires to continue to work in law or a similar field that allows her to continue speaking Spanish while also defending people’s rights and interests. Outside of work, Kelsie is an avid runner, coffee drinker, and loves to travel and try new foods.