• Virginia doctor accused of sex crimes with patient

    Virginia doctor accused of sex crimes with patient

    Virginia residents who are facing charges related to sex crimes will not only have to be concerned about the charges themselves, but the damage that the mere accusation promises to do to their entire lives. Even if the charges are a simple misunderstanding or not, sex offenses can be an unwanted attachment and albatross to a person continuing his or her personal and professional life. This is why when any level of sex charge is lodged, it is imperative to make sure to plan a strong defense as soon as possible.

    Take, for example, a doctor who was arrested for allegedly touching a patient in an inappropriate manner. Both the doctor and the patient are male. The patient, 30, went to the medical facility and was taken to an examination room. The doctor is said to have entered the room, asked some background questions and then requested that the patient take off all of his clothes. The patient states that the doctor touched him in an inappropriate fashion as the examination took place. The victim departed the facility and later called law enforcement. After an investigation, the doctor, 75, was arrested and charged with sexual battery.

    Any accusation of sex crimes will unleash a significant backlash against the accused. This can also result in significant penalties including prison, the loss of professional licensing, hefty fines and the requirement to register as a sex offender. It can be hard to move on with one’s life after there have been these types of charges alleged. This is especially difficult if the accused is a medical professional, a teacher or anyone else who has to deal with the public as part of the job. Law enforcement often moves forward with an aggressive prosecution with these charges.

    In this case, a doctor is accused of touching a patient inappropriately and was arrested as a result. Considering the myriad of factors and long-term problems he will face if he is convicted, he needs to make certain that he formulates the strongest defense possible with help from a legal professional experienced in helping those who have been charged with sex-related crimes.

    Source: patch.com, “Richmond Highway Doctor Charged with Sexual Battery: Police,” Mary Ann Barton, July 15, 2016

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