• Virginia Police Officer Arrested On Drunk Driving Charges

    Virginia Police Officer Arrested On Drunk Driving Charges

    Being arrested on drunk driving charges in Virginia can have numerous ramifications. These can affect a person’s personal and professional life and follow them around, causing significant problems. DUI is taken seriously and state laws try to dissuade drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking by prescribing harsh penalties including fines, jail time and the loss of driving privileges if a person is convicted on DUI charges.

    Recently, a police sergeant was arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia. The woman was found to have almost three times the legal amount of alcohol in her system. According to the investigation, the woman was operating her vehicle with two children with her. The children were ages five and two. Officers saw her hit a wall while trying to drive onto a Naval facility. After she was placed under arrest, she was allowed to leave jail on $5,000 bond. The conditions of her release preclude her from driving, drinking alcohol or using drugs unless she has a prescription.

    Because law enforcement has taken such significant steps to stop drink drivers, the penalties that a person who is convicted will face can impact their lives in a massive way. Depending on the circumstances, a person will not only lose driving privileges and face large fines, but there could also be extensive jail time. Other charges are often added to drunk driving charges. These can include driving recklessly, failing to adhere to traffic lights and signs, speeding and, as is a possibility in this case, endangering a child. There are, of course, valid defenses that can be used to avoid conviction, including an improper stop by police or faulty testing equipment. All must be explored as the foundation for a defense is planned.

    In this case, a police sergeant found herself on the opposite side of the law when she was stopped and arrested for multiple offenses involved with driving while intoxicated. Those who are dealing with similar legal problems for driving while intoxicated should be aware of what they are up against and take steps to protect themselves with help from an experienced attorney.

    Source: 13newsnow.com, ” Va. Beach police sergeant charged with DUI released on bond,” Kristina Zverjako, Feb. 23, 2016

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