• What to Expect at Your Personal Injury Consultation 

    What to Expect at Your Personal Injury Consultation 

    If you’ve been severely injured in an accident and need to take legal action, knowing what to expect from the process can be confusing. You might not have ever consulted an attorney before, and you may not know what to expect or what will be expected of you. In addition, if you are involved in a personal injury accident, you may still be in pain and dealing with serious injuries. Injuries can make the process of consulting with an attorney even more anxiety-inducing.

    At Leary Law P.C., we understand that you may be feeling apprehensive about talking to an attorney about your situation. That is why our Fairfax injury attorneys strive to make the experience as comfortable and easy as possible. We have a compassionate team that wants to help you get the money you deserve. With that in mind, we work hard to make your initial consultation pleasant. We transparently communicate with you, so you have a full understanding of the legal process. We also want you to understand how our skills can help you achieve the best result possible.

    If you are ready to talk to an attorney about your injury accident, contact us today and review these helpful tips on what to expect.

    What to Expect at Your Personal Injury Consultation? 

    If you have never consulted an attorney before, it can be difficult to know what to expect. This guide gives you an idea of what you can expect from a personal injury attorney and, in return, what a personal injury attorney may expect of you.

    • Be ready to provide a detailed and accurate account of the accident– An attorney is not here to judge. An attorney is supposed to present a strong case based on facts and evidence related to a particular situation. An attorney cannot begin to prepare a compelling case without information from you. An attorney needs an accurate and factual account of the accident, so they have a basis to begin their investigation. Tell your attorney the truth and do not try and conceal information. Details will eventually come out in an attorney’s independent investigation, and it is better for you when the attorney knows what to expect upfront.
    • You will need to answer questions– Be prepared to answer questions, potentially, many questions. A skilled attorney will be looking for information and details that you may not think to provide.
    • Reviewing your rights– As a potential personal injury victim, you have legal rights. Part of your consultation will typically include an attorney explaining to you these rights. A skilled attorney will also want to discuss your legal options for pursuing compensation and all the potential outcomes for your case. An experienced attorney may also want to outline a timeframe for handling your situation.
    • Ask your own questions– It can be hard to think on your feet when so much information is discussed. Bring a notepad to take notes and bring a list of questions that you have for the attorney. You and your attorney need to be on the same page. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your concerns.
    • Communication is key– Before your consultation ends, talk about the attorney’s fee schedule if they have not mentioned it already. You will want transparent information about billing and fee structures. You will also want to outline a clear strategy for future communication. Who can you call, how will your attorney keep in contact with you, and how often should you expect communication about your case?

    If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t wait until it is too late to hire a lawyer to represent you. The Fairfax personal injury lawyers at Leary Law P.C. fight for the rights of those injured in our community, and we’ll be ready to seek the full and fair compensation you’re owed. Call us at (703) 359-7111 or reach out to us online today for a 100% free and confidential consultation.

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