When facing a criminal charge or subject to criminal prosecution, you must select an attorney who will fight vigorously for your rights and who will work with you to help you understand the immediate and future consequences of your circumstances and any decisions you must make with your case.

    Obtaining effective, experienced legal counsel is extremely important to gain a proper understanding of your rights under the law and to ensure that your rights and your future are fully protected. Whether your situation involves complex charges resulting from a state or federal criminal investigation, or felony or misdemeanor charges filed in a local jurisdiction, Leary Law, P.C. has proven experience necessary to represent and protect your interests.

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    With nearly two decades of trial experience, attorney Christie Leary has represented clients facing criminal prosecution and who are the target of a criminal investigation for a wide range of criminal charges and issues such as:

    • DWI, reckless driving and traffic offenses — The firm handles all matters related to traffic infractions and violations, including drunk driving, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, driving without a license.
    • Drug crimes — The firm handles all matters related to drug crimes, including possession, manufacturing, distribution, trafficking and other state and federal drug charges.
    • Violent crimes — The firm handles all matters related to violent crimes, including murder, manslaughter, gun crimes, malicious wounding, unlawful wounding, assault, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, breaking and entering and other serious violent misdemeanor and felony offenses in both state and federal courts.
    • Sex offenses — The firm handles all matters related to sex offenses, including sexual assault, rape, date rape, possession, production and distribution of child pornography.
    • White collar crimes — The firm handles all matters related to white collar crimes, including fraud, false pretenses, credit card fraud, health care fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, computer crimes, tax fraud, forgery and uttering, identity theft and other white collar crimes.
    • Juvenile crimes — The firm handles all juvenile criminal matters, both misdemeanors and felonies, including drug offenses, alcohol offenses, sex crimes, violent offenses, and property and theft crimes.
    • Larceny and theft offenses — Leary Law, P.C. handles all theft and larceny offenses, including burglary, grand and petit larceny, carjacking, shoplifting, auto theft and embezzlement.
    • Probation violations — The firm handles all probation violations for adults and juveniles.
    • Expungements.

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    Recognized Trial Skills And A Respected Reputation

    If you have been charged with a crime, you must hire skilled, dedicated and experienced representation. You want to have an attorney with whom you are comfortable, but most importantly an attorney who will handle your case properly and with a dedication to protecting your rights and ensuring that you understand all aspects of your circumstances.

    Named by Virginia Super Lawyers as a Rising Star since 2007, Richmond Magazine as a Top Young Attorney in Virginia and by Northern Virginia Magazine as a Top Criminal and Personal Injury Attorney in 2012 and 2014, Christie Leary has tried state and federal court bench and jury trials in criminal matters ranging from traffic offenses to serious felonies. She has litigated cases heard in the state courts of every jurisdiction in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, the United States 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

    For the first decade of her career, Ms. Leary worked with prominent criminal defense attorneys known throughout the area for their skill and expertise both inside and outside the courtroom. Ms. Leary, along with her former partners Peter Greenspun and Jonathan Shapiro, was appointed to represent John Allen Muhammad, the “Beltway Sniper,” in a complex, document and evidence-intensive case involving allegations of wrongdoing throughout the United States. Honing her experience in such complicated cases, Ms. Leary dedicates herself to providing all her clients with superior representation focused on each client’s individual needs and circumstances.

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