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    Overview of Debt in Divorce

    Couples going through the divorce process in Virginia may focus considerable effort on dividing up marital property, but many tend to overlook what happens to the debts they’ve incurred during their marriage. The matter may be somewhat clear in the case of a home or auto loan, but there are many complicated legal issues that…

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    Fact Sheet: Aggravated Sexual Battery in Virginia

    The Virginia criminal code encompasses many types of unlawful activities under its article on Criminal Sexual Assault, and one of the most serious is aggravated sexual battery. When the term “aggravated” is inserted before the title of a criminal offense, you can expect a long prison sentence, fines, and probation for a conviction; the inclusion…

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    Do I Qualify for Uncontested Divorce in Virginia?

    Not all divorce cases have to be the drawn-out, bitter, expensive proceedings that you may read about on the news or see on TV shows. In Virginia, there’s a process that may be suitable for couples who can agree on the primary issues involved with divorce. The benefits of uncontested divorce are considerable, but there…

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    felony sex crime

    Timeline of a Felony Sex Crimes Case in Virginia

    If you’ve been arrested for felony sex crimes in Virginia, you’re no doubt aware that these charges are serious and carry extremely harsh penalties for a conviction. However, even when your outlook seems grim, you must always remember the most critical principle in criminal law: You’re innocent until proven guilty and you do get your…

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    How Motions Can Help in Defending Virginia Felony Charges

    Police do make mistakes when detaining you, making an arrest, or investigating crimes. Prosecuting attorneys may also be guilty of errors during the pre-trial and trial process. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not a mistake, and officials engage in intentional misconduct that affects your case. However, while these issues may violate your rights under federal law and…

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    FAQs About Sex Offender Registration in Virginia

    If you’ve recently been arrested or already convicted for violating Virginia’s sex crimes laws, you’re probably well aware that you face an extensive term of incarceration, fines, and other criminal penalties. However, there’s another aspect of your punishment that will follow you around long after you complete your sentence: The requirement to register as a…

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    child custody case

    Virginia Child Custody Myths

    According to County Health Rankings, 30 percent of Virginia’s households involve single-parent living arrangements. This means that, for many of these parents, child custody issues surfaced at some point in time. Unfortunately, some of these questions didn’t always produce accurate information, as can often happen with complicated legal topics. Considerable misconceptions regarding child custody abound,…

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