• The Value Of Body Cameras For Law Enforcement Officers

    The Value Of Body Cameras For Law Enforcement Officers

    The tragic controversy currently unfolding in Ferguson is making many civil rights activists, legal experts and lawmakers question whether law enforcement officers should be broadly required to wear body cameras. The tapes contained within these cameras could prove invaluable to individuals compelled to mount a criminal defense in the wake of potentially unjust charges. They…

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    Important DUI Law Basics You Should Understand

    Whether you have already been charged with driving under the influence or you simply want to know how to avoid being arrested for this offense, there are a few DUI-related terms that every American adult should be familiar with. These terms help to briefly explain important matters of DUI law. Understanding them will help you…

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    Underage DUI Charges

    Understanding The Consequences Of Underage DUI Charges

    It seems illogical that individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 can be drafted into military service, can vote and can choose to get married but they cannot legally drink. However, the fact that this reality is illogical does not mean that it should be ignored. Legally, Americans cannot drink alcohol until they turn…

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