• Can records of juvenile crimes be expunged in Virginia?

    Can Records Of Juvenile Crimes Be Expunged In Virginia?

    Juveniles in Virginia who are arrested and charged with crimes might be under the impression that the allegations will have long-term consequences. The simple matter of allegations of juvenile crimes having been committed can be a significant concern to teens and their parents even without a conviction. If there is a conviction, it can be…

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    Amy Bradley joins LSNV Attorney of the Day Steering Committee

    Amy Bradley Joins LSNV Attorney Of The Day Steering Committee

    LSNV created the Attorney of the Day Program (AOD), to help low-income victims of domestic violence get protective orders so that they, and their families, stay safe. The concept of the program is simple: rather than attempt to secure representation for protective order hearings at the last minute, LSNV asks pro bono attorneys to commit…

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    Understanding Trade-Based Money Laundering Crimes

    People in Virginia might have heard the term “money laundering” when watching the news or various dramatic programs, but it can be difficult to fully understand what it means and entails. There are various different subsets of money laundering. One in particular is trade-based money laundering (TBML). This is a tactic that alleged criminals will…

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