• Bullying Accusations And How Virginia Law Views It

    Bullying is garnering a great deal of media attention in Virginia and throughout the United States. Given the increasing technology and various ways in which communication can commence, the ways in which children can mistreat one another are increasing as well. This is another layer to the age-old manner of exerting will and abuse on…

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    What Leads To Fraud And Similar Drug Charges In Virginia?

    When news reports arise of people in Virginia facing drug charges, most expect these to involve sale, procurement or manufacture of illegal drugs. However, charges can also be filed for obtaining prescription drugs using various kinds of fraud. The state laws are clear when it comes to the potentially serious consequences that can be levied…

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    charges of destroying property

    Juvenile Crimes Of Destroying Property In Virginia

    It’s natural that juveniles in Virginia, across the United States and throughout the world are going to get into mischief. Some of these acts are relatively innocent and don’t cause overt harm to anyone or anything. Others, however, lead to allegations of causing substantial damage and the underage person being charged with juvenile crimes. Understanding…

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