• When Might There Be An Ignition Interlock Device After A DUI?

    Virginia drivers who are confronted with charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol will undoubtedly be aware that they will face certain penalties in the event they are convicted. However, one potential consequence that is often understated and not fully understood is the ignition interlock device. This is placed on the vehicle that…

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    Man Charged With Weapons And Drug Offenses In Virginia

    Drug charges can lead to significant penalties in Virginia if there is a conviction. These drug offenses can range from possession for the individual’s own use to heftier charges linked to drug distribution. Often, charges related to drugs can expand into a multitude of other allegations with violence and more. Regardless of the circumstances, those…

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    The Juvenile Law System And Driving Privileges

    For Virginia teens, driving is a new experience and rite of approaching adulthood. It is also a responsibility that requires the adherence of applicable laws to juveniles with accompanying penalties under the juvenile law system if they are violated. Juvenile delinquents can face numerous penalties such as license suspension or a curfew as to the…

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