• The Consequences Of Breath Test Refusal In Virginia

    When a driver in Virginia is pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, the investigating officer may request a breath or blood test. Drivers might be under the impression they have a legal right to refuse the test. This is not the case. Whether or not they were driving under the influence, they…

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    Mayor Of Fairfax Arrested On Drug Offenses

    Drug issues are a persistent problem in Virginia and it can affect anyone from those who are struggling to those who are prominent within the community and anyone in between. Similarly, the drug laws of the state do not discriminate and a wide range of people can be confronted with drug offenses. Regardless of the…

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    What is credit card fraud during the application process?

    What Is Credit Card Fraud During The Application Process?

    People in Virginia might associate illegal activities with a credit card to behaviors that involve using someone else’s card, employing various illegal tactics to try and accrue cash, and more. However, it is also illegal to provide false information when applying for the card. Those who are confronted with allegations and an investigation related to…

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