When a young person is charged with a crime, the incident may not seem serious until you realize that your son or daughter is facing a legal problem that can have a lifelong impact on his or her future. A criminal record as an adolescent or teen can have a negative impact on an academic record, which can snowball into losing opportunities for college and employment. Getting your child the rehabilitative help he or she needs now should be your primary objective.

In addition, a juvenile charged with a criminal offense can also simultaneously face expulsion and suspension proceedings from their school for incidents that have occurred inside and outside of school hours and both on and off school property. Many schools have school resource officers who are required to report certain criminal charges to a child's school whether the incident occurred during school or on school property. A criminal conviction for a serious school violence offense can result in expulsion or incarceration in a juvenile detention center. In some serious offenses, the prosecution can seek to certify your child as an adult which then exposes your child to the adult criminal justice system.

If you need serious, professional and experienced legal counsel for your son or daughter facing a criminal charge, contact the Law Offices of Christie A. Leary P.C. Ms. Leary is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who will work hard to find alternatives to the harsh consequences of a conviction. She will help you understand the various procedural rules of the juvenile process and the opportunity for creative and case-specific results fashioned to your son's or daughter's circumstances.

"We are writing to thank you for your time and share that we were genuinely blessed. Perhaps our son's thanks to you saying, "thank you so much for your help, you've made me feel so much better about this — I feel like a weight is off me." are telling of your passion and commitment to help make a difference in the lives of others. Meeting with you served to educate us and enable us to better understand the processes and outcomes of the situation. We were all impressed with the thorough process that you followed taking the time to ask questions and record a mindful intake. Equally impressive, was how you were meticulous in taking the time to carefully explain the processes and related consequences of the particular violated law. We were also astonished right out of the gate, when you coordinated with our son to meet with him before his appeal time expired — a timeline we were completely clueless about.

While this process has been very emotional, stressful and confusing, you helped us all feel a bit better and enabled our son to be educated and empowered. You clearly modeled the conduct of a committed professional that values and treats/defends their client with dignity and respect. Thank you so much for your thoughts, time and concern." — Client testimonial

Protecting Your Child's Future With Proactive Strategies

Ms. Leary will work hard to find alternatives to the harsh penalties that can turn a promising young person into a discouraged delinquent. Her first priority is to identify proactive strategies for working with your family and the juvenile justice system to develop a rehabilitative approach to prepare your child and secure your child's future.

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Cases involving children often have implications beyond the criminal courtroom. Children can face serious actions as students through school administrative hearings that threaten your child's academic future. Children and teenagers make mistakes. As a parent, when your child is charged with a crime, the target of a criminal investigation or facing school punishment, the best decision you can make is to immediately consult with an experienced attorney who can help you understand your son's or daughter's circumstances and help fashion a plan to assist you and your child to proactively and comprehensively work toward the best result possible for your child's circumstances.

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