• Bike accident

    Who is liable for a bicyclist’s injuries in an accident?

    Riding your bike for fun or as part of your commute has many benefits, but it’s important to know that bicyclists are in particular danger when forced to share the roads with motor vehicles. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports that there were 651 bicycle accidents statewide in 2019, resulting in 615 injuries (128…

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    Virginia speeding ticket

    Can I Contest My Speeding Ticket in Virginia?

    Getting a speeding ticket can be irritating, but there are some circumstances where it can be much more than an inconvenience. Depending on your driving record and the severity of the charge, a speeding ticket could result in losing your driving privileges and other penalties. In these cases, it’s natural to wonder whether you can…

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    bike accident

    What Should I Do After a Bicycle Accident with a Car?

    Many Virginians ride bicycles to commute, for recreation, or both. There are many benefits to riding a bike, but it’s important to be aware of the risks too. The Virginia Department of Transportation reports that there were 651 crashes involving motor vehicles and bicycles in 2019. Of those, 614 collisions resulted in injuries and 13…

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    Types of theft

    What Is the Difference Between Violent and Non-Violent Theft in VA?

    Criminal charges in Virginia can carry harsh penalties, but different crimes are treated differently. You’re much more likely to face significant prison time for violent crimes. That includes crimes related to theft. While “theft” is not a crime under Virginia law, stealing falls under charges like larceny, robbery, and burglary. If you’ve been charged with…

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    Drunk Driving Deaths

    Why Do Drinking and Driving Deaths Increase in the Summer?

    Unfortunately, drunk driving typically increases in the summertime, which means more fatalities on the roadways. When a drunk driver causes a car crash, they will be subject to criminal penalties. But criminal penalties do not compensate the victim. It’s up to the civil courts to provide car accident victims with the compensation they deserve for their…

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    Hit and run

    Hit-and-Run Charges in Virginia

    If you have been charged with fleeing the scene of an accident without providing identifying information and rendering aid, you may face jail time, fines, and license revocation. Being arrested for a crime can be stressful and confusing. The skilled and experienced Virginia hit-and-run attorneys at Leary Law, P.C. can help you during this difficult…

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    State or Federal Gun Crimes

    Federal vs. State Gun Charges: What You Need to Know

    If you’ve been arrested for a firearms-related offense in Virginia, you could potentially face state or federal charges, depending on the nature of the arrest. For many gun owners, the legal landscape can be confusing and complicated when it comes to possessing and carrying weapons. Unfortunately, as with most laws, ignorance of the law is…

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    Car accident with an uninsured driver

    What Happens if the Driver Who Hit Me Doesn’t Have Insurance?

    Car accidents happen every day on roads and highways throughout Virginia. While many of these collisions are minor “fender-benders” that result in little to no property damage or injuries, others are much more serious in nature. When someone is injured in a collision caused by a distracted, speeding, intoxicated, or otherwise negligent motorist, they have…

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