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    Can Distracted Walking Result in Pedestrian Accidents?

    We often hear about the dangers of distracted driving, but can distracted walking also result in serious pedestrian accidents and motor vehicle collisions? A recent article in Curbed discusses a new study on distracted walking conducted by researchers at Northern Arizona University. While the study focused on pedestrian behaviors in New York City and Flagstaff,…

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    How Divorce Affects Happiness

    Can divorce actually make people happier than they would be if they were married? While previous studies, such as an article published in the journal Addiction, suggest that divorce is linked to higher unhappiness rates and more problems with substance abuse, new research is starting to suggest that such trends may be shifting. Indeed, according…

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    Identity Theft Is A Crime In Virginia

    When someone steals another person’s identity for the purpose of committing fraud, they may be charged and convicted of identity theft. Under Virginia Code, Section 18.2-186.3, identity theft is a crime and could result in misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the severity of the crime. Generally, an identity theft crime will be classified as a misdemeanor…

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    sex crimes

    Janitor Charged With Attempting To Solicit Child Pornography

    Downloading, possessing, or transmitting sexually explicit images or videos involving minors may result in child pornography charges in the state of Virginia. Nowadays, most pornography charges involve the internet in some capacity, but some stem from sharing printed photos via mail. A 47-year-old school janitor in Virginia was recently arrested and is now facing Class…

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    Virginia Beach Woman Charged With DUI

    A 35-year-old Virginia Beach woman was recently arrested for driving under the influence and damaging state property after officers allegedly observed her driving recklessly on I-264. State police reported that the woman was driving the wrong-way on the interstate, and almost collided with an officer as the unit attempted to stop her vehicle. Police reportedly…

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    Statutory rape

    Statutory rape in Virginia

    Whenever an adult over the age of 18 is sexually involved with someone under the age of consent, they could face charges of statutory rape. Rape and date rape generally refer to forcing someone to engage in sexual activity without their consent. In statutory rape cases, force is generally not a requirement. In Virginia, there…

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    Charges May Be Filed After High School Football Brawl

    Friday night high school football is a popular pastime for many families across Virginia. However, players can sometimes let their emotions get the best of them and end up in a physical altercation. According to police, at least 20 high school football players ended up in a violent brawl after a football game between two…

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    When Can A Police Officer Search My Vehicle?

    Many drug arrests stem from a police officer searching a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. However, many of these searches are done in violation of the driver’s rights under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S constitution. Evidence found during an illegal search may not be used against the alleged perpetrator in court, so it…

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