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    Drunk Driving

    Underage DUIs and the Virginia Juvenile Court Process

    Drunk driving is illegal in every US state, but a DUI case in Virginia could be more serious depending on the age of the motorist. It is unlawful for anyone under 21 years old to consume alcohol, so there are different laws that apply for underage DUI. However, if you were under age 18 when…

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    Juvenile Crimes

    Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Crimes in Virginia

    For individuals under 18 years old and their parents, having a criminal case go through Virginia’s juvenile court system may seem like a blessing. Instead of the severe punishment a minor could face for a conviction in adult court, he or she will be adjudicated as delinquent. The juvenile justice system may carry some sanctions,…

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    DUI Laws Virginia Motorists

    5 DUI Laws Virginia Motorists Need to Know

    You are probably familiar with the basics of drunk driving laws in Virginia, so you know you face harsh penalties for a DUI conviction. Your driver’s license will be revoked for 12 months, you could receive a mandatory minimum fine of $250, and the court could issue a fine up to $2,500. Plus, drunk driving…

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    White Collar Crimes

    4 Types of White Collar Crimes Under Virginia Law

    Every year, the Virginia Department of State Police publishes its report on Crime in Virginia, which contains a summary of all types of offenses, arrests, offender demographics, and other information on the crimes that took place in the state during that 12 month period. Though you’re probably familiar with the term “white collar crimes,” you…

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    Drug Crimes

    Overview of Virginia’s Drug Crimes First Offender Program

    It probably comes as no shock to know that officials in the criminal justice community continue to crack down on drug crimes, and the Virginia Department of State Police annual publication Crime in Virginia is proof. In 2019, there were 46,429 people arrested for violating controlled substances laws, including possession, selling, and trafficking. More than…

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