• Helping you assert a defense against a sex crime

    Helping you assert a defense against a sex crime

    While most criminal allegations have the tendency of harming the personal and professional reputation of the accused, being charged with a sex offense can have disastrous consequences that impact all areas of a defendant’s life. Even before the accused is convicted or dismissed of all charges, being just accused of a sex crime can be very damaging. Because of this, it is important that defendants take the time to understand their situation and what could be done to protect their future.

    Facing a sex crime can be paralyzing for some defendants. It is a difficult predicament to be in, and sometimes, it is difficult to mentally process the situation. But this should not discourage defendants from understanding that they have rights and the ability to assert a defense against the charges. At Leary Law, our legal team understands the sensitivity and urgency a sex charge can have. Thus, we are dedicated to helping those in the Fairfax area strategize a strong defense against the charge.

    Whether you are accused of rape, date rape, sexual assault, child pornography, Internet solicitation, prostitution or any other sex offense, our law firm has years of experience handling these matters. We are well versed in the criminal laws and defense methods in these situations and we are well equipped to help you understand your best defense route.

    To learn more, check out our law firm’s sex crimes website. A sex offense conviction could mean harsh penalties and consequences that impact your personal and professional life. A conviction could impact where you can live and where you can work, and it has a tendency of placing these burdens on you for years to come. Thus, it is important to understand how you can protect you rights and initiate a strong defense. Leary Law offers free consultation to review the facts of your case.

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